There is something VALVe is up to, well you may say that it’s always up to something, but this time it’s indicating for the most awaited game Half-Life 3, We are gonna expect VALVe at the GDC 2015 (Game developers conference) and the presentation VALVe is gonna give there is called “The future of High performance Graphics” this indicates to Source engine 2 which has to be the backbone for the next VALVe games including Half-Life 3. The reason Why I think that is because of the DOTA 2 would not have any updates until it’s imported to the Source engine 2 as stated by the Studio (Yeah VALVe is actually a little more open about Source 2) and because it’s a VALVe presentation about graphics they have to do it with a new game.

Half life 3 to be revealed at GDC 2015?

The ‘Half-Life 3’ logo, according to Motoring Crunch.

It can be a WHOLE new game or maybe a sequel to an old game A.K.A Half-Life 3, and Valve’s writer Chet Faliszek will also be at GNX, which is at pretty much the same time as GDC and in the whole huge page where every company got a description about which games and things they will talk about Valve’s description goes something like this “You wanted Half-Life 3?! COME AND GET IT!!!!!” oh that was seriously stupid actually it says “It’s a close guarded secret! Tune up for more information” seriously.

Now the other revelation is a new logo, which has sent “Half-Life” fans abuzz.

This came after its developers, Valve Corporation, inadvertently affirmed the “Half-Life 3” discharge date on Steam.

“Steam was overhauled on Tuesday and it saw the expansion of App 323900. The astonishing part is the way that App 33900 turned out with Half-Life 3’s logo,” Kdramastars said, quoting Motoring Crunch.

“This has got the fans buzzing loudly as for the first time ever, a leak from Half-Life 3 actually came from Valve itself. Of course, Valve was notified of the buzz and has hence removed the app from the listing,” Kdramastars added.

What you think about these rumors? Long wait is coming to an end?

From here you can catch the schedule of Valve’s presentation at GDC 2015.

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