The release date is coming near but the plot twist is the previous state of Rockstar Games about the game release date. The announcement came in answer to an extraordinarily brief request on the Rockstar forums about whether the game has been postponed. “GTAV will be coming to PC on January 27th,” Rockstar wrote. “We have not announced any changes to the date at this time.” Also Steam has not updated the GTA V PC release date so news about the delay are also murmuring on media. Also, Rockstar has not announced the official System requirements of the game and players are still living on the unofficial system requirements which come to proof as a fake when forum user leaked advance settings screenshots of GTA V PC version and claimed that his NVIDIA GTX 770 is not able to run this game at 60FPS with Max settings. Well noteworthy for now all news are unofficial so to all readers take them with a pinch of salt.

Retail buys will need to login to their Rockstar Social Club account


The latest news about most anticipated GTA V PC version is coming from the foreign media, as we know that NeoGaf is the favorite place for many players to discuss things on upcoming titles and in the thread where they were talking about the common practice in recent Rockstar titles we come to know the inability to allow Steam integration with retail copies of their games.

NeoGaf user ‘fantomena’ has cited a post from a GamesPlanet team member and the listing on GreenManGaming that has the ‘other DRM’ logo on the Grand Theft Auto V page. Other users on Neogaf have said that this is typical for Rockstar Games since the end of the Ps2 period. The individuals who buy the Grand Theft Auto V for PC on Amazon ought to wind up with a steam code, however retail buys will need to login to their Rockstar Social Club account and won’t have the capacity to coordinate it with Steam.

At the same time until further notice, as we specified over this news is still a rumor so don’t take it seriously with your life we are still waiting for the official announcement. Anyhow, if see the past cases it remains a presumable probability, however, given that past titles have done likewise thing. So in the event that you are looking to have all your amusements in one spot, play it safe and buy it off of the Steam customer. If not, you may be compelled to utilize an exclusive Rockstar Social Club client that will dispatch the amusement from that point.

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