[Rumor] Grand Theft Auto 5 back in September 2013 has landed on Xbox 360/PS3 platform, but Rockstar Games have spent more than a year’s time to let the game landed on Xbox One and PS4 host, the PC version is even taking a longer time, the current plan is to release on January 27, 2015. Only 17 days to go to the premiere, according to the previous confirmation from their side, but Steam has not updated the game release date and there is also lots of new concern has been appeared on release date. Well lets come to the main topic. Previously we have seen some leaked screenshots of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 with an advance settings screenshots. Now from the same source few screenshots has been appeared which giving us a pleasure of comparing game visual on Low vs high settings.

Rumor: GTA V Low VS High Gameplay Screenshots Comparison, NVIDIA GTX 770 not enough for ULTRA settings 60FPS

Low (no MSAA/tessellation ):



High( no MSAA/tessellation) :



The player who has leaked these screenshots has claimed that he has an i5 3570K, with 8 GB RAM and a MSI GTX 770 Lightning edition. From the bellow screenshots settings re not set to Ultra so here we can assume that in order to run this game at Ultra settings player must have R9 290X or GTX 780Ti.

As we’ve already said, take this with a grain of salt. NEON has shared a number of screenshots from the PC version, though we still don’t know whether these are legit leaks or not.



At the last Neon has also said that the game is not running like fluid as there are some problems with mouse acceleration, pop-in is still noticeable but far less jarring than in the console versions. Other information till now leaked tell us that:

  • The graphics options are very similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, with sliders that increase the use of video memory.
  • While the PC version of game is very similar to the version of the Playstation 4, the density of people and cars just seems to have been increased.
  • Seems to be locked at 60 FPS
  • The controls seem accurate when playing in FPS mode, although there is some acceleration.
  • The pop-in of textures and other details are lower than the console versions
  • You can type in phone numbers with the keyboard
  • With an i5 4670 and GTX 770 you can yield a 45-50FPS with all the visual settings cranked to max except Anti-Aliasing (yet not confirmed).