[Rumor] Grand Theft Auto 5 back in September 2013 has landed on Xbox 360/PS3 platform, but Rockstar Games have spent more than a year’s time to let the game landed on Xbox One and PS4 host, the PC version is even taking a longer time, the current plan is to release on January 27, 2015. There is about a month to go. Rockstar Games had earlier said that they would announce Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version system requirements very soon, but so far till now, no official information. The latest news on system requirements is coming from RockstarTurk siteaccording to them Rockstar has revealed the system requirement accidentally. 

Rumor: GTA 5 PC System Requirements Revealed; Surprisingly, not too High

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Previously, RockstarTurk website had published a lot of news about the Grand Theft Auto, the credibility is still quite high. According to their announcement of the Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version of the system requirements to view, this game is not asking for the high end parts, even recommended configuration is merely a request of Core i5 / Phenom II X4 processor level, GTX 480 / HD 6970 graphics card and at least 6GB of memory, on for now is nothing but mainstream gaming PC configuration, 20GB of hard disk space is not too much, I believe that many would be able to enjoy this game if this news comes with a green signal from the official side.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version, minimum system requirements:

– CPU: Core i3 2130 OR FX-4100 OR A8 5500
– Graphics: Radeon HD 4890 OR GTX 450
– Memory: 4GB
– Operating System: Windows 7/8/64-bit 8.1
– Hard disk: at least 35GB of free space

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version, recommended system requirements:

– CPU: Core i5 2500 OR FX-6300
– Graphics: Radeon HD 7950 OR GTX 660 Ti
– Memory: at least 8GB
– Operating System: Windows 7/8/64-bit 8.1
– Hard disk:  not less than 35GB

Currently, it is not good to determine, after all this is not an official news from Rockstar Games, the fact that we also difficult to determine whether the message of this site RockstarTurk is really reliable.


Also in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game forums, players have been made ​​to verify whether the PC is configured to meet the needs of the game program. Of course, because this program is a personal self, there will inevitably be some Bug, interested players can download from here with with their own risk, on T4G we are not responsible for any loss. 

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