Tomshardware has published an article about a rumor. Which, if comes true, then it could completely change the capacity of multi GPU configurations. Similar to Mantle, DirectX 12 could introduce support for SFR (Split Frame Rendering), a technique that would offer developers split manually or automatically, the data of textures and geometry between different GPUs, and each may work in each frame. As was reported a few weeks ago, this also allows the benefits of VRAM available in multi-GPU configurations.

DirectX12 have support for Multi-GPU configurations between AMD and NVIDIA


In short, we can do SLI or Crossfire between different families of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA. Sounds too good to be true, right?.

“If you like using GeForce 3D Vision Experience and Nvidia, but also want to use TrueAudio and FreeSync, there is a chance you can make use of both when Direct12 is available. If this is true, it is likely that a plaque function as primary, while the other will be used to provide additional power “

Previously, a similar solution could have found on motherboards with Lucid Hydra technology (eg. MSI Big Bang Fuzion or Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra), but it was not too good to entertain players with the full potential of GPUs. Now Developers, of course, will have to write additional code lines to leverage the capabilities of the new features in DirectX 12, so it remains to be seen how easy is the new API from Microsoft.

Although this is just a rumor, one wonders if both AMD and NVIDIA allow a user will use a video card competition to make an SLI or Crossfire hybrid. From the point of view of the consumer would be an interesting alternative, but have to see how this story ends if true.

Complete DirectX12 features will be revealed during GDC 2015. We’ll see if the rumor is true.