Early AMD released its Radeon R9 285 graphics card featuring Tonga core, GCN 1.2 architecture, 1792 stream processor units almost same as R9 280 and HD 7950 but from a 384bit memory interface down to 256bit. There are also lots of rumors about the R9 285X release, equipped with the 2048 stream processor, but last night on AMD official Twitter account they confirmed that for now they will stick with R9 285.

Rumor: Did AMD just cancel Radeon R9 285X?

Did AMD just cancel Radeon R9 285X? (Rumor)

AMD said, “We are only releasing R9 285”, the answer is actually very subtle, AMD seemingly only recognize R9 285 graphics card but did not actually deny the existence of R9 285X cards.

There are also some rumors that AMD is just waiting for the Nvidia to release its Gtx 980 and Gtx 970, after the release of both bad boys AMD will come with something new so maybe this new candy is R9 285X. In my personal view both Graphics Cards are High-End and R9 285X will not stand in front of them. AMD to face subsequent GTX 960 graphic card, NVIDIA next-generation graphics efficiency is very high.

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