According to Playman, the publisher Ubisoft Czech Republic will spin-off of the Assassin’s Creed Templar starring Shay Cormac is coming to our PCs in April. It will not be a surprise since Ubisoft had confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Rogue will come to PC in early 2015.

XVIII century North America. Amid the chaos and violence of the French and Indian War, Cormac Patrick Shay, a brave young member of the Order of the Assassin, experience a dark transformation that definitively affect the future of the Brotherhood. After a hard fight for a mission that fails tragically, Shay decides to kill all those who betrayed him and thus become the most feared hunter of Assasins in the history.

Introducing Assassin’s Creed Rogue, the darkest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed franchise to date. Live on the skin of Shay’s slow transformation that will take you from being an Assassin to Assassins hunter. Follow your own creed and embarks on an extraordinary journey that will cross the city of New York, valleys and rivers in full wilderness, reaching the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of your big goal: to end the Assassins.



This is for the first time you will experience the world of Assassin’s Creed from the perspective of a Templar. Adopts the role of Shay, who besides their lethal skills as Master Assassin skills and weapons has also never seen to date:

  • Use the lethal air rifle in combat Shay short at long range. Distracted or confused eliminate your enemies using different types of ammunition, including special bullets and grenades.
  • Protect yourself from hidden from the crowd with your view of the improved Eagle Assassins. Use your eagle eye at all times to control the space around you and detects the Assassins hidden in the shadows, on rooftops, or between people.



Witness the transformation of Shay, a faithful follower Assassin Creed and delivered a bleak Templar. Experience first hand all the experiences that will take Shay a dark road to a curse that will forever change the fate of the Brotherhood of Assassins.



Set sail with your ship, the Morrigan and make your way through the frozen seas of the North Atlantic and the narrow waters of the rivers of Americans valleys. Rogue Assassin’s Creed continues the award-winning naval experience of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag ™ with new game mechanics including:

  • New enemy tactics: defend yourself maneuvers addressing the Assassins when they try to attack your ship and defeat your men. Fight against them quickly to avoid losing many members of your crew.
  • Conveniences include new weapons, like boiling oil that leaves behind a trail of fire with which you burn enemy ships, or Puckle, able to maintain sustained devastating machine gun fire.
  • Take advantage of the Arctic ice to gain advantage: destroy icebergs to find more booties or gores ice sheets to outrun the enemy ships.



Shay’s story allows you to explore three unique scenarios:

  • The North Atlantic Ocean. Experience the icy winds and looks stunning arctic icebergs in this new scenario of naval combat.
  • The River Valley. A hybrid scenario Native American frontier that combines navigation without limits by rivers and exploring the surrounding area.
  • The city of New York. One of the most famous in the world, recreated in detail as it was in the eighteenth century.
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