After Cemu, the first working Nintendo Wii U emulator (let you play Wii U games on your PC), today its turn to RPCS3, which is even more interesting since it will play the entire catalog of PlayStation 3 games on the PC, and most surprising of all makes use of the DirectX 12 API, force to use the best available resources in order to provide good performance in performance.

RPCS3: PlayStation 3 emulator for PC that works under DirectX 12


This emulator is Open Source and written in C ++, the Youtuber John GodGames has tested lots of games via this emulator on PC; including  Silent Hill 3, Skullgirls, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit and Of Orcs and Men among others. For now the emulator is in an early stage of development, which is why the Silent Hills 3 is very laggy, or in Dragon Ball Z you can see some missing textures.


So PC players finally have a decent PS3 emulator that can play moderate 2D/3D games at full frame rates. One year ago, it was crawling on the ground. But now, it’s standing up. I believe that in one year, this emulator will be praised for being able to play RDR at 1080p 60fps or more on the PC. Without any doubt, this project is very difficult. Now we just have to wait to see a better version of PlayStation 3 emulator to enjoy the entire catalog of PlayStation 3 games on PC.

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