After announcing several improvements in the RPCS3 PS3 Emulator for PC, now the development team behind emulator has announced that the emblematic title of the ‘Souls’ series from FROM SOFTWARE is compatible and playable with RPCS3. The development team working on this emulator said that in order to work on such titles it took a lot of work, because at the start game was not even booting. It was directly connected to PSN servers, then had disk space errors, black textures, game loading in black, etc.

RPCS3 Can Now Play Demon’s Souls – Gameplay Screenshots & Videos

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After several arrangements and tests, the team released two videos where you can see the gameplay of Demon’s Souls on RPCS3. They commented that the game lacks enough optimization since an AMD Ryzen CPU @4 GHZ can manage to make certain parts of the game run at 30 FPS. It can also drop to 10 FPS in other large and open areas. The sound may be a bit unstable and the game may crash on load screens.

We will have to wait for new news and improvements in the emulator performance on the part of the team, although the fact of being able to emulate and play one of the most iconic titles on the PS3 platform is quite large.

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