The best PlayStation 3 emulator for PC platform once again gives us great joy, fulfilling the absence of important ports for our beloved computers. The RPCS3 team worked very hard over the last few months, with very important results, and this time announces that it has already been able to emulate the acclaimed Red Dead Redemption.

RPCS3 Emulator For PC can now emulate Red Dead Redemption; Video

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Obviously, the emulation is still far from perfect, but already allows to enter the game and control the character (invisible in some cases), thanks to improvements in graphics emulation. As for performance, currently it works between 3 and 15 frames per second, while in the previous version only responded to 1FPS. You can expect performance improvements in the future.

Until just a few days ago Red Dead Redemption would only load up to the main menu and show a few frames before hanging. Some persistent users could quickly get ingame from there, but once again it would only show a few frames before hanging. With recent improvements to graphics emulation thanks to Jarves the game can now continue to run without hanging and we can finally go ingame and control the (sometimes invisible) character. With the improved LLVM recompiler by Nekotekina we reach about 3-15 fps depending on what is going on, a clear improvement from only showing the main menu at 1 fps a month ago. Lastly kd-11 fixed a graphics bug that would cause almost everything in the game to be completely blue.

All in all, the game kind of works. Sure it is slow and has bugs, but we are getting there.

Considering all these details, Red Dead Redemption remains in “Ingame” state (Games that go somewhere, but not far enough to be considered playable), but the achievement predicts a complete emulation, given the rapid advances of this equipment. Above you can see the corresponding video.

When checking the compatibility list you can see that 215 games are completely playable, while 558 can be played, but with some small bugs and problems.

RPCS3 can be downloaded from the official website at this link.

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