After the RPCS3 team improved Persona 5 performance with a new version, the YouTube user reznoire uploaded new videos showing other exclusive console titles, such as Dante’s Inferno, Resogun, Daytona USA and Skate 3.

While these games are not emulated perfectly at the moment, (Skate 3 has shadow problems, and both Resogun and Dante’s Inferno have audio problems) but can be considered playable for some. You can finish all these titles from start to end.

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Considering the small team, the developers behind RPCS3 are doing an excellent job, it goes without saying that these games will be perfectly playable in a short time.

When checking the compatibility list you can see that 216 games are completely playable, while 557 can be played, but with some small bugs and problems.

RPCS3 can be downloaded from the official website at this link.

Below you can see gameplay videos:

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