The company Roto announced the launch of its new gaming chair focused on virtual reality. The new VR series gaming chair comes at a high price, but considering what they are offering and knowing the price of “normal” gaming chairs it can not be considered a bad price. We are facing a Gametrak 3D accompanied gaming chair, which recognize the movement of our head and it will rotate in the same direction where our head moves.

Roto VR Gaming Chair Focused on Virtual Reality

To avoid long cables, in the base of the chair itself, we find two video outputs as HDMI with a pair of USB 3.0 ports, this way we can connect the glasses to the base and below the base leaves direct wiring to the PC. The Roto VR Gaming Chair also equipped with pedals that simulate power walking, really if it meets all its promises, hopefully most popular gaming manufacturers will copy the idea for this manufacturer.

Regarding the price of the Roto VR Gaming Chair, it can be pre-order for $499It will be compatible with any type of VR Googles, from a top of the range as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, through the midrange as the PlayStation VR and also Samsung Gear VR.