At this point it is not a hot news that the expected port of Batman: Arkham Knight is a mess, unplayable on most of the computers. Just enough to take a walk by social networks or Steam forums to realize that, once again, we have a situation such as Assassin’s Creed Unity or Mortal Kombat X.

Batman: Arkham Knight: The PC port was Outsourced


Starting with the locking frame rate per second of only 30 (which can be changed via a configuration file), and past the unbearable stuttering note that even in the lightest of the scenes, the experience was ruined by full mean, one of the most disastrous launches that we have suffered.

Early reports from the Steam Community are littered with complaints about stuttering, terrible optimization, crashes, and a variety of other issues. A few gamers are complaining that framerate are even lower than 30fps even with GameWorks options turned off, 1080p resolution, and segments that surpass Rocksteady’s recommended requirements. I’ve seen various users asserting they can’t keep up 60fps at 1080p with even Nvidia’s $999 Titan X.

Quickly, Rocksteady has taken charge of the situation, and although they do not give estimated dates for updates, commented on the matter.

We are aware that some users are reporting performance problems with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. This is something that is taken very seriously Rocksteady. We are working closely with our external development partner for PC, to ensure that problems are resolved as soon as possible.

As you will see, this is practically a confession of the study, although not mentioned by name, they are confirming that they had nothing to do with the PC version, and that was in charge of another team. Unfortunately, it seems this is another study of the same quality of High Voltage. Hopefully it resolved soon.