After remaining silent for a long time, Rockstar Games has finally released a public statement about the use of modifications in Grand Theft Auto V. The company claims that it prohibits the use of those in single player mode, although in the online.

“We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the modding community. We still remember fondly the impressive mod zombie, among many other classics, “communicates Rockstar.

To be clear, the policy Modding license has not changed, remain exactly the same as the previous title. Basically, the company claims that does not prohibit the use of such in story mode, but in online, as these eventually lead to some unfair advantages for the rest.

Last week, a new patch for GTA 5 was launched with the purpose of breaking all connections with Hook Script V. Despite not being mentioned in the patch notes, some believed that this was a deliberate attempt to curb the use unauthorized alterations.

“Our main focus is online protection against those amendments which players can take advantage.” they said.

Rockstar finally said they are taking steps to remove any content that encourages or promotes the unlawful use of systems within the game. According to the company, all videos that promote such activities will be immediately removed by YouTube.

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