Rockstar Games is one of the most popular game developers. Almost every released from Rockstar  received lots of love from players and this love motivate them to make a huge leap and add new experiences in their new titles every time. For now apart from GTA 5 for PC, fans of Rockstart games are also waiting to enjoy the big announcement of the Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Teases Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption

The news of Red Dead Redemption 2 has  appeared before, but usually it was a rumor, means not officially confirmed. Finally, something twitched and although nothing specific on the new Red Dead Redemption but worth looking. You can say a small reason to be satisfied. Next year the company will announce its next projects and they give a small teaser on it that one title again bringing along a letter to the Wild West.

It’s wonderful to see so much excitement and enthusiasm for the Red Dead series, and nearly 5 years after Red Dead Redemption’s release(!). The developer wrote in the latest Rockstar Newswire Q&A.

“As we’ve mentioned when asked in the past about new games in other series such as Red Dead Redemption, Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually.

“We have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing. We thank longtime fans such as yourselves as always for your amazing support and please stay tuned in 2015 for announcements of what’s to come from Rockstar Games.”

Red Dead sequel for 2015 announce? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, let’s amuse ourselves imagining how you title the third game in a series that so far includes “Red Dead Revolver” and “Red Dead Redemption”. Red Dead Revolution? Red Dead Resolutiongate? Red Dead Redonkulous?

Well, it would be nice if we see new Red Dead Redemption is on the way. Even if you hear about the work on another project, this news is also not bad as you know Rockstar Games give us a lot of fun.

Source: vg247

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