Rockstar has taken an atypical measure by re-affirming the launch date of the PC version of GTA V which is 27th of January. It is re-action in response to nervous PC gamers awaiting GTA V to hit PC and discussing it on forums.

Rockstar Reaffirmed GTA V Release Date Seems Unsual:

The announcement came in answer to an extraordinarily brief request on the Rockstar forums about whether the game has been postponed. “GTAV will be coming to PC on January 27th,” Rockstar wrote. “We have not announced any changes to the date at this time.”

The announcement from Rockstar is clear enough the game is going to be propelled on January 27th but a bizarre thing that is just less than 3 weeks left in release and still on Steam no exact date of launch is mentioned, just an indication towards Early 2015.

As the system requirements of GTA V doesn’t seem to be ultra high like we have seen in some recently launched Ubi games. As the release date is creeping near, more and more info is getting leaked. Previously we showed you very first leaked screenshots of GTA V PC version, the graphics look downgraded and also the reports indicates a bad optimized game like Watch Dogs we have to face on PC. GTA V was handed over the game to Max Payne 3 dev team for a polished game. Lets hope for the best. Stay tuned for more info, we will update you.

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