As per new reports and rumors, Rockstar is currently focusing on next addition to the famous Action-Adventure, Grand Theft Auto 6. The game was announced by Rockstar last year and it will be next title after the successful Grand Theft Auto V.

The chief of Rockstar Games, Leslie Benzies recently spoke about the GTA 6 that the Rockstar team for GTA 6 will be working on map, then story line and missions.

Rockstar planning whole United States as map for GTA 6

As per few reports, the game is shifted for release in 2020 and map in the game will include whole United States and the big cities and towns like New York, Los Angeles, Miami etc.

These reports are currently based on rumors as there is no official backing of proves of such claims. But it seems that the map in the game having whole U.S is also possible as two famous game had almost whole United States in its map, i.e, Need For Speed: The Run and The Crew. But the map in the game was made smaller and limited to only few cities.

The Crew was an open-world racing game set on tracks of almost whole U.S but Ubisoft developers made map such short and limited as it took less than two hours to drive throughout the country. But thats not an difficult job for Rockstar Games as they have years of experience of making open-world action-adventure games.

Regarding the map of GTA 6, one report stated,
Loading the entirety of the USA would have its issues. I mean, driving from one city to another could be a real chore, especially if it’s just filled with country side and nothing much to do in between

One report also claimed that they interviewed one of the insider and according to him, the next GTA will take around five years for completion and size of the game will be “twice” as that of GTA V.

The mapping reports are confusing as well as exciting. If we believe the reports that means that the game will have some fast travel options for players during missions. There are many different rumors on the internet regarding the GTA 6 which are not yet confirmed so it is difficult to conclude something. Stay tuned for further updates!

Source: IBTimes 

  • Setanjan Roy

    Well they could include fast travel ffs for travelling fro mone city to another >_> All open world games have it these days

    • Link

      Fast travels in plane, cab, train.

      • Setanjan Roy

        oh yeah forgot about that lol .

        • Link

          That’s why I’m here.

  • Rachit Ramesh

    I think there’s something wrong with that. Just pointing out “But that’s not an difficult job for Rockstar Games as they have years of experience of making open-world action-adventure games.”

  • Gaitlin Evans

    So what I’m hearing that rockstar world map is coming to GTA 6 if this is correct I’m in

    • Link

      Not the whole world, just USA.

  • TayCloudz_FuckYoComments

    2020??…stop bein lazy Rockstar…Call of duty had like four games since gtav…they need to focus on the money maker

    • Danael Webster

      You do realizing that Coding The Entire Map ALONE will take 4 and 1/2 Years by itself? Do you have any idea how BIG a map of the Filesize is? And with Close to 60 Million Units Sold for GTA5, They can take their time on 6.

    • Kenny White

      You are aware that any good game takes time to make right? Cod is shit and literally each one is an expansion of the last. Creating gta 5 took forever but it was totally worth it.

    • Lordosena

      and All the call of duty games are shit and yearly release games are shit

    • Jeremy Wray

      They generally have a 8-10 year development cycle for GTA games.

    • Chris Kozma

      All CoD games are the same though. New weapons. And idiots freak and have to go buy the new installment just because its CoD. Quality over quantity.

    • I’m Dead

      LOL! 2020 isn’t even enough time IMO. If they made one every year like call of duty, GTA would very quickly fall in sales. Not to mention the amount of work needed to make one city in a game. Imagine how much work is needed to make a whole country? And also fit in all the personalities of each state.

    • Batfreak

      GTFO COD fanboy. You don’t know what a REAL video game is. You just buy the same title over and over and over again just because it has different pictures on the front.

    • Rob

      I hope you know that all the past Call of Duty games are the same. All they do is alternate the graphics to make it look realistic and make a different storyline… Plus, CoD isn’t even that good. All CoD is, is having repetitive gameplay and stupid ass quick scoping… GTA actually take their time trying to make their game run smoothly, look amazing, and have an intensive storyline and gameplay to it. I believe it’s worth the wait, child.

  • Craig Vincent Bursey

    if anything it will be a full us map marked with major cities to choose from. then when you open a city that full city map opens to play in. like witcher 3s map. with 2 levels.

  • Lordosena

    something that Massive could only be done on top of the line PC gaming rig no console could handle it

    • Chris Kozma

      Not hard to compress textures and have them load on the fly. It’s how open world games work. It’s probably doable on the current gen models of xbox one and ps4, but don’t forget how many new models came out after ps3/xbox. New hardware, firmware, software. Next xbox one is getting windows 10 and directx 12.

  • Jeremy Wray

    Story is obviously click bait. Likely someone posted some non-sense on Reddit claiming they were in the know and this site ran with it to get more people to visit their site and thus increase ad revenue.

    Going from a single county, to the whole country would be a bit over ambitious. Another 10 years or so down the road, yeah i see it as possible. But the game size would be too large as well as it would take way too long to develop at this point. Now them doing a larger area with 2-3 cities I do see as possible, though I don’t know where they would do it. LA – San Fran – Vegas, seems the most unlikely since they did LA in the last game and NY – Philly – Atlantic City – Boston would also seem unlikely as Liberty City has been done so many times now. People want Vice City again but Rockstar has said that they are unlikely to revisit it since that game was so much the time period and doing it in current times wouldn’t be nearly as good and yet again going with the multiple city thing, you wouldn’t get much diversity staying with cities in Florida.

    • A.J.

      all of this.

    • Sunny Day

      Dude you really are stupid aren’t you i meen u must not be A gamer because they have game that big out now and if gta wants to use the united states dont stop them because it would be awesome. And quit getting upset because they chose US. They chose us because we are the superior country

      • syllabul

        these are the comments that make me question humanity’s development for tens of thousands of years

        • .::Taboo::.

          Going from the guy’s questionable understanding of English, perhaps he’s the article’s author.

        • Munchma Quchi

          Humanity has been worse than this. Common give us a little bit of credit as humans for using the internet and such

      • Jeffrey Hill

        The person posting a comment on stupidity can’t even get his grammar half way correct which is hilariously ironic. Also, as an American I’d love to see a GTA based in Europe, or perhaps prohibition era United States. I love me some rum runnin’!

        • Charles LaPrade

          If they were going to do a Prohibition Era, it most likely wouldn’t use the GTA name. They would Probably name it something else to see how it sells. As for humanity’s development… I would love to see us get some actual deep space exploration done. I mean, I would hate for aliens to ignore us because they feel we will kill ourselves off anyway. You know what I mean guys? I don’t want us to be invaded, but I would prefer it to getting overlooked.
          And finally, I agree with Jeremy. The size of the game would just be too big. The team would put so much time into the map the other aspects (Such as story and Graphics) would be lacking.

          • Smittywerbenjager

            You guys are fucking retarded try red dead its been rockstars “prohibition era” gta v game for years… Dumbasses

          • Jeremy Wray

            Umm….Red Dead was set about 10 years before prohibition in 1911. If you played the game then you would have seen it was about the American frontier and had nothing to do with prohibition.

            Closest game to prohibition would prob be the mafia series. But I don’t know the exact time period of those games since I never played them so they could be afterwards.

          • Nimajneb

            When they said prohibition era pretty sure it was referencing the kind of shit like boardwalk empire/the untouchables, with Al Capone or a similar crime figure and organization.
            Prohibition was in the 1920’s and 30’s, dumbass.
            Red dead revolver/redemption took place in early 1900’s.

        • Luis M Rodriguez Junito

          That would be cool prohibition Era but keep it like a side story or flashback to one of the characters family members that would be real cool and play it out in black and white

        • aaronisgrate

          Yes Europe would be awesome and it could work for a huge multi country map since europe is all close together.
          Most seem to forget about the old london 1969 expansion for the original gta back in the day.

          They could do east and west Germany at the end of the cold war And include Nikos back story for some of the content

          • Nimajneb

            London 1969 was terrible.
            And don’t even get me started on the “voice acting”. IMO the grand theft auto series didn’t start until GTA3. First two games were fun for about an hour. They weren’t even popular when they came out for that reason.

          • Jeremy Wray

            While I had some fun with the original GTA it was hard to get into the story since the vehicles were so out of control. But admittedly, and I may be like the only one, I thoroughly enjoyed GTA 2 on my PC back in the day and I beat the story so many times.

        • Marcus Williams

          Europe would be great as well. I don’t see many other options unless it be Russia or China though as most other countries and continents are not as developed or their society wouldn’t fit the expectations we see in the gta series now. For example if we placed it in south America, violence would be everywhere. You’d shoot one person in brazil and all of the sudden the city is on you because everybody caries there. Europe is similar to the US as it has just normal ass life. A crime here or there and the rest is just life.

      • Simon

        Bruh how can you call him stupid and you didn’t even spell mean right.

        • Brad

          Bruh isn’t even a word y dnt u go bak to school and learn what real words are. Down here in the south we dnt care bout how we spell cuz it all comes out the same and btw he’s not ur bro so go back to ur family tree and see who ur family is cuz obviously u dnt know ur family and everyone loves gta so it would be one of the best games in the whole world if they made one wit the whole U.S. in it

          • frozensoda

            Y, dnt, bak, cuz, btw, ur, and u are all not words.

          • Marcus Williams

            You seem too literal. Get your head out of the gutter and stick it in society. You can’t use the literal meaning of every word your entire life. If you knew that you wouldn’t be ignorant enough to say when he says bro he actuslly means brother. It’s saying idiot, maybe you should get out of the south because you talk like you have down syndrome.

      • Jeremy Wray

        There is no game out now that has the whole US as a map. Yes NFS did a linear track design “across” the US but it wasn’t really bigger then any other game with normal race courses. The open world of GTA would be en entirely different animal.

        Oh and BTW I live in the US

        • Anthony Olan

          Bruh, the crew did the Us map. Of course it wasn’t a full US map but it had the major cities in it. They had NY, LA, Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, etc. And that was from a shitty company ubisoft. Rockstar has the resources to get this done and to get it done properly.

          • Jeremy Wray

            I didn’t play the crew but from what I heard it was still pretty linear and even still trying to compare a racing game to a completely open world action rpg is a hard comparison. Like I said above, with current technology it would take far too long and be much too large a game file to be possible.

          • dizastermaster

            Don’t forget Seattle, Washington d.c., Jersey city, Salem, Boston, New Orleans, St. Louis, San Bernardino, Houston, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, etc

        • Joe Gardner

          the crew was the closest Not nfs

        • Shiggy Shay SlowRkers

          If they were to work with the developers of no man’s sky then it is possible lol ….. no man’s sky will take 8 human life span to complete …that’s how big it is…

          • Jeremy Wray

            Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but no man’s sky will have a certain amount of content to it that is basically spinning in a random generator so while there is enough variables to create that amount of time of exploration, you will still see similar things from planet to planet.

            And that in the world of GTA would mean that on each block in a convenience store, but on each block it’s in a different spot so you would never be able to learn the map as it would always be different. I know not quite the same, but the example is on a relatable scale.

          • Jesse Johnson

            no mans sky is proceduraly generated, so you are right and wrong, some things will be repeated sure, but mostly everything will be new.

      • Peppe

        Lol you do realise GTA is satire & takes the piss out of your country.. they choose it because having the location anywhere else would be to unrealistic now days
        ,self centred yank

      • Rickey L. Browning Jr.

        Are you high or just plan ignorant?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Marcus Williams

        First of all, you’re an idiot. Yes we are superior but that’s your reason for why the U.S. was chosen? It’d a well developed country. I’m 100% sure Rockstar isn’t located in another country aND most gta games have been in the U.S. anyway. Correct your spelling and grammar, make a good argument, and don’t call people stupid if you’re going to sound like an idiot yourself.

        • Jeremy Wray

          Do some research there buddy

          While Rockstar games is in NYC, the developer for the GTA series, Rockstar North, is in Scotland

      • sneer0101 .

        You do realise the GTA universe is built on satire of the US???

      • Munchma Quchi

        It would be more fun and feasible if they did UK with the whole British Isles

      • Brendan Patrick Lyon

        It hurt to read your comment

      • Vestarion

        And you’ll always owe it to the British for creating you! America might be a great country, but Britain made you (and apparently didn’t educate you very well in language either..)

        • Linda Brown

          The British are nothing more than thieves.. They stole America from the Natives and kidnapped Africans from Africa. They didn’t create shit. Well ok, actually they did create a fucked up society.

      • Rich Moore

        We are not superior to anyone you close minded prick. Don’t you dare talk for the rest of us. It makes you sound stupid. Oh, and learn some grammar.

      • Marlon van Kempen

        Superior country whahahaha, Americans aren’t superior. Some of them are, but most of them are dumb fucks who have no discipline and go to far with everything.

    • Antonio Swaggin Out Sutton

      I agree!

    • Liberty City hasn’t been made on PS4 or XBO. I’d like to see a new, polished and BIGGER Liberty City.


      • Jeremy Wray

        It’s getting a bit redundant doing the same location over and over again. While I wouldn’t mind another Liberty City with Philly/AC/Boston as secondary cities. You know that a ton of people would complain and boycott the game for revisiting the same locations over and over again.

        • Steven Dang

          have the whole U.S NP

      • Ellay

        And a Vice hasn’t been seen since PS2

    • Jacob Ray Fuehne

      maybe redo all of the cities, Liberty, San Andreas, and Vice and then use the airports to travel in between?

      • Steven Dang

        smart but id rather have the u.s then just cities

      • Ashley Parrish

        Yea thats what i was sayin to

        • Mason J-Hawk White


    • Daniel Wolownik

      It could go from Miami to Atlanta

    • hbrooks

      I dont know about you guys but I love driving in the game how cool would it be to travel from nevada to new york by car

    • Isashi

      they should somehow make gtaV and next game’s map connect as an whole!

  • Whothehellis Nieman

    They should have Added lower part of Canada. (Where the Canadian and U.S boarders are)

  • Whothehellis Nieman

    They should make a GTA based off of the prohibition add Canadian provinces like Ontario and Quebec, focus on Mafia smuggling Canadian Whiskey through the boarders. Would be awesome and I think people would love to learn bit of history and drive the cool old school cars (Yes I know there has been games made during that era but it’s shit and nowhere be as nice or feel as smooth as if it was GTA made)

    • Chris Kozma

      This is how racing became a sport. During prohibition in the States, the moonshine smugglers would soup up their vehicles to be able to outrun the cops. Of course when they weren’t doing smuggling runs they would race each other to see who had the better car. After prohibition, they decided to make it a sport.

      • aunty

        You need to read up on the history of motorsport – you’re out by about 30 years and in the completely wrong country, but don’t let that hold you back in trying to alter history.

    • Steven C. DePater

      As someone who lives in a city with a port of entry into upstate new york, I would love to play a GTA with a playable version of my city! Though, you’d have to change Whisky to Cigarettes, and smuggling into the states to smuggling into Canada.

    • Kim Stovall

      That’s basically red dead redemption witch rockstar makes.

    • TangFiend

      GTA: London was a throwback game. It would be really cool to set a game circa prohibition, Chicago, gangsters and speakeasys.

    • Billy Arturo

      GTA: Canada. Where curling and ice fishing are the best mini games around.

    • Jonathan Harless

      Noone wants to drive around canada. All there is is snow and trees

  • StonyCashh

    That would be nice idea. If it do happen, they should let you travel all the popular states. Let us own different homes, let us have girlfriends like off san andreas, and let us go into every building thats on the map…even if its empty. Also let you play your custom music in the cars while you driving instead of off the xbox menu. They should let us go into clubs too and dance. One more thing, it would be great to let the cars have different sounds instead of copying and pasting the same car sounds to all the cars on the game (like dont give all the muscle cars the same sound).

    • Ashley Hill

      You sound like an idiot.

      • StonyCashh

        You are an idiot

        • Jc Sver Erickson

          Gotta agree with Ashley Hill if thats your final rebuttal.

          • StonyCashh

            No its just attachments

          • Batfreak

            We’re all idiots, but I’m the least idiotic.

    • Keegan Listrom

      you can listen to your own music it’s called “self radio” but that’s for #PCMasterrace only :3

    • Kyle casey

      Yes! Make it like The Crew but getting out of vehicles and destruction!

  • Matt Dierks

    They should do a texas version of this it GTA: Lone Star

    • Batfreak

      DURR HURR you’re so clever I bet you make a million dollars for every idea that comes out of your super smart brain head.

  • Kankerhoofd

    Gta 27 – 2047 : The whole world

    • Damon

      you mean universe? i cant wait to hijack the starship enterprise and take over another planet with a phaser to ward of the fuz…. shit. was i dreaming again?

      • Billy Arturo

        They already have that game. Saint’s Row 3, man.

        • Damon

          lmao, true

  • TheShadowReaper

    can we get back to Vice City already? i wanna see that game with today’s technology like they did with San Andreas in GTA V. please, R*, pretty please!

  • Jc Sver Erickson

    Think this just might be a gamer rumour, flying by. Just gunna have to wait till E3 to confirm our assumptions.

  • area 51

  • Quinton Bowman

    idiots thinking this is legit its sad…. not only that would take around 50-100 or dead years to be finished… there aint even a console or computer out yet that can even run something that probably needs 1000TB

    • John

      You mean 1 Petabyte?

    • Rob

      You’re beyond stupid, child…

  • Izzy Hendrix

    You should play as a pimp in Las Vegas and Atlantic city. That I’d buy

  • Michael Ribando Jr.

    I told rock star about this and on YouTube 2 years ago someone seen it and said to everyone about it well I’m going to times square and ask them where did they get the idea if they make it and don’t have me in it I’m suing

  • Batfreak

    Dude who the fuck wrote this? First, take English lessons. Second, get a degree in journalism. Third, quit journalism forever and go back to the rice paddy.

  • What a pile of horseshit..

  • Kyle Bowers

    I feel bad for anyone believing this crap.

  • This is probably false, even if it did do the whole USA, they would have to rename all of the cities, they like do anyway. I believe the earlier reports of them switching between Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andres..that seems more believable.

  • Phillip Waterbury

    to comment on what jeremy wray said doing the whole us would be pretty easy. with computer programming where it is and where 3d mapping is. if rockstar were to team up with google maps it would allow them to pull it off in just a few years so the 2020 date would be not to far fetched

  • Jimi Jukkala

    It would be fucking amazing if you could run a drug bisnes in whole u.s ( like heisenberg)

  • It would be Kool if instead of driving from one city to another you just go to an airport and purchase a flight to whichever city you wanna go ie: vice city, liberty city etc

  • Mark White

    Big congrats to the fourth grader who wrote his/her first multi-paragraph fake report

  • Erick Tejeda


  • Sleezb

    What rockstar has to do is take us back to vice city since they already did liberty and San Andreas any one dig that?

  • Matt Roper

    Whoever wrote this can’t spell for shit. If you can’t use basic grammar I refuse to believe a word you say. Even if it’s true, who gives a shit? It’s still going to be the same recycled shit it always is. It’s not like you’ll have the entire country at your disposal either. It would be 3 major cities tops and to get there, you’d just fly. Fuck this article lol.

  • John Stempa III

    It better be on PS3 and 360 as well as next gen

    • Coady Stoner

      PS3 and xbox 360 would not be able to handle that. It’s set to be finished in 5 years if you read it. 5 years from now PS3 and xbox 360 are finished. They already are finished to think of it LMFAO

    • Andrew Gault

      how about you get a fucking job and buy a new console. ps3 and 360 are dead as it is, nobody will be making any more games for them. that’s like asking them to port GTAV to the sega dreamcast.

    • Cody James

      Despite the obvious bullshit of the article… should developers continue to make last gen versions 5 years from now I will personally see to it myself I find each and every ps3/360 and destroy it like the printer in Office Space.

  • Irhak Kcin Dleif


  • Thomas King

    I personally think they should increase there servers so Internet connection is better, and make a gta world conquer game. Where they include every area around the globe and u sign in The coutry u live in and u can take airplanes and travel the globe and organize attacks on different country’s and have other countries team up on other ones and have a all out world war lol.

  • James Simnick

    With the amount of detail GTA V has I cannot see an entire united states. Honestly I believe the next GTA will be Los Sanots, Las Ventures, and San Fierro combined. Maybe, you could purchase a ticket to travel to Liberty City and Vice City as well. An entire map of the US I simply cannot see that happening. Think of the facts people, does the current gen counsels even have the processing power? Let alone the best PC’s. Sorry, do not count on something this large any time soon. Maybe in the next 10 to 15 years yea but in the next 5? I don’t think so…

  • The Drunken Sailor

    Hopefully English isn’t your native tongue… god damn son!

  • Antonio Swaggin Out Sutton

    No disrespect to anyone but I’m a gamer myself GTA 5 is one of the best games out to me and I play it everyday, coming out with a GTA 6 with the united stats as a map is a bit to much. Rockstar has a lot of dlc content already for GTA 5 it would be a bummer for for most die hard fans of this game for them to have to Start over on there characters and have new things on that game that isn’t as good as it is now on GTA 5. My opinion would be to keep GTA 5 and just keep updating the content on it and if players want the united stats as a map for GTA 5 then have that as a big update event whenever you guys launch the update. If not possible then make GTA 6 to where you could transfer your online character from GTA 5 to GTA 6 so people won’t be bummed out about another big game that might not be so fun as the game you guys have out now.

  • William Lackett

    This can’t be a real article. The grammar alone is bad.

  • johnjohnjohnjohn

    Oh boy, even more giant, empty world for me to have to travel through …
    Crazy idea: how about a small/normal sized city PACKED TO THE BRIM WITH CONTENT?

  • Spark

    I think it is very likely the next GTA will have multiple cities. However, the whole USA is not going to happen. What they might do is like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, etc each on their own island that requires a boat ride or plane ride (or a ridiculously long swim) to reach.

  • tsomms

    They can barely make a whole city. They don’t have enough power to make a map that big. They can’t even put animals online come on now. Now a good idea but very expensive would be GTA catered to your city or the main city in each that would be sweet to play in my city I live in. Just my thoughts.

  • Matt Rimmel

    there can be a such thing as to big of a city if anyone had played just cause 2 it takes like 25 mins to drive accross the map its not fun just kinda a chore and boring specially when the last missions ends at the top and the next one is at the clear bottom

  • Phillip M Logan Jr.

    So….Los Santos, Liberty City, Vice City….and….what ever the Las Vegas/San Francisco place was in GTA:San Andreas….feasible

  • Oderus Toefungus

    Do you guys proofread before posting?

    This reads as though it was written by an autistic child.

  • Adamlee Barthalt

    I say Grand theft auto should do Foreign lands like Tokyo or Paris and London..i also would love to see a real intermix of options…Like Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was amazing..I would love to see Horses in a GTA game in the country sides…how hilarious would it be to see a cowboy next to a hummer?? or how bout Bow-arrows or samurai swords/Armour for weapons??? this is not hard things im sure for these guys but simple options like this is so dire for a next series..Especially bringing back what made them great.. Like San Andraes gang territories . and workout options…and especially robbing a bank instead of just liqueur stores and 7/11s . they have to make more options of what the game is known to do…instead of missions just have the options to rob stores and banks… is this hard? or am i just deep down inside really bad? hahahah either way the things i have mentioned are not far-fetched or impossible to do even now…..Can anybody hear me on this please!!!!!!

  • Marcus Mac-lovin Carr

    obviously they couldnt do a whole map of the US. It would turn into like an 8 disc game or the graphics would look like the 1st gta

  • GTA VI: only 19TB of disk space required!

  • wilson Richard

    You can put airports in the new GTA so it won’t be so boring driving city to city state to state , but everyone should be able to create their own character and choose their hometown to settle it until they make enough money to travel through airplane but I think you should still be able to travel with car if you don’t have enough to fly and I also think we should have malls restaurants etc. To walk in to make it realistic

  • It would be sick if GTA had a free play mode where you could load any specific city into the game

  • David Scott Hill

    the whole US map huh? Bullshit. you would need countless terabytes of memory to map the whole united states.

    to put this into perspective: GTA5 – Square miles: aprox 100. (65GB)
    The United states – Square miles: aprox 3.8 MILLION

    • David Scott Hill

      if 65GB = 100 square miles of GTA…
      2,470,000GB = 3,800,000 Square miles of GTA…
      Or just 2470TB. With the exponential growth in computer technology, you can expect this kind of hardware/software in the year 2070~. Not 2020. LOL

  • SmileyOfChaos

    I’d like to see a similarly-sized map like on GTA V, but with even less dead zones like the desert that are annoying to drive through and more opportunities to go indoors. Being able to enter almost every building in the game would be crazy.

  • casey

    so how do you fit this on memory and graphics? wont it take up literally a whole computers worth of memory?? or do we all buy brand new 2020 PC computers that are expensive and fast?

  • Tom Kuzupas Jr

    The GTA series are good games, but geez, we have enough GTA games to keep us busy for years. Give us another Manhunt game instead.

  • Optimist

    Fuck what ya thought 😉 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

  • Andrei Baciu

    I’m still waiting for GTA Vice City in HD universe

  • Ashley Parrish

    5 years tho. Ugh!!!

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    They already said for the next GTA they were most likely going to redo Liberty City to actually feel like NYC the way GTA 5 made LA look pretty similar. They said they missed their goal for 4 and want to redo the Liberty City scene.

  • Nicholas Scovelle

    sorry but no I can tell you thare is no way they could do that and have it work on a concel Star citizon is going to have around 100 start system and that games gana be around 100Gs for a instail on PCs to make the full US in a GTA style game whare you cant as easaly scal things down like in space the instail file would be massive fare to massive for even most PC id say atlest a 300GIG instail at minimum

  • Gavin Lee Bonney

    Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Vice city, liberty city tied together with a Chicago/st Louis middle city and a Portland/Seattle/Denver up north westish. Make sure there is a lot of backwoods and desert. …. the story could be so f-ing epic.

  • Gavin Lee Bonney

    And bring back insane stunt bonuses!!!!!

  • Douell Weygan

    Early release for the PC version if Finished…

  • Douell Weygan

    PC version is Expected…

  • Douell Weygan

    And also We miss Grove Street

  • Yrn Shamiy

    Yeah they should make the whole united states and put more realistic cars and make almost every business doors open for you to buy things.

  • counterblow

    I hope Rockstar punks all of these clickbait sites and releases GTA VI: Tulsa

  • Douell Weygan

    Don’t forget the swichable character like GTA 5.

  • Will Anders

    I’m so tired of the whole America scene… I reckon they need to find somewhere new… somewhere like straya! Bring it down under, go the kangaroos jumping around and what not! Would be the best game out.

  • Kristian

    Yeah computer power needs to improve a thousand fold and then we could have a shrunken sized version of the entire U.S. But what is this obsession with big boring maps, I wouldn’t mind a small city like Portland or Reno with a shit ton of stuff to do in the city.

  • Billy

    Make the game where you can go in anyplace rob people on the street and do home invasions

  • Jabus Selesky

    Noo, i want better physics and driver, sandbox for next gta 6..

  • Kfal Balli

    I would prefer one city where I could go inside almost every building, loot peoples home, stores, and online you could break into other players homes if they don’t have a good security system. The more expensive homes you buy would have a garage that allows you customize your vehicle with the stuff you’ve already bought. They should do either Vegas or Chicago.

  • d0x360

    No thanks. Aside from the fact that this story is entirely made up clickbait I prefer my gta games to be detailed and rich. If they are making multiple cities as described there wouldn’t be enough time in 5 years to add all the required details.

    Watch dogs is a great example of an empty and dead world. Rockstar can go bigger than gta5. Perhaps a big city, country area and then a second smaller city or town kind of like how San Andreas was setup on ps2 but bigger.

  • agello24

    finally. a true 30- 40 gig game

  • Great it’s amazing we also write roundups on hard drive here :