As per new reports and rumors, Rockstar is currently focusing on next addition to the famous Action-Adventure, Grand Theft Auto 6. The game was announced by Rockstar last year and it will be next title after the successful Grand Theft Auto V.

The chief of Rockstar Games, Leslie Benzies recently spoke about the GTA 6 that the Rockstar team for GTA 6 will be working on map, then story line and missions.

Rockstar planning whole United States as map for GTA 6

As per few reports, the game is shifted for release in 2020 and map in the game will include whole United States and the big cities and towns like New York, Los Angeles, Miami etc.

These reports are currently based on rumors as there is no official backing of proves of such claims. But it seems that the map in the game having whole U.S is also possible as two famous game had almost whole United States in its map, i.e, Need For Speed: The Run and The Crew. But the map in the game was made smaller and limited to only few cities.

The Crew was an open-world racing game set on tracks of almost whole U.S but Ubisoft developers made map such short and limited as it took less than two hours to drive throughout the country. But thats not an difficult job for Rockstar Games as they have years of experience of making open-world action-adventure games.

Regarding the map of GTA 6, one report stated,
Loading the entirety of the USA would have its issues. I mean, driving from one city to another could be a real chore, especially if it’s just filled with country side and nothing much to do in between

One report also claimed that they interviewed one of the insider and according to him, the next GTA will take around five years for completion and size of the game will be “twice” as that of GTA V.

The mapping reports are confusing as well as exciting. If we believe the reports that means that the game will have some fast travel options for players during missions. There are many different rumors on the internet regarding the GTA 6 which are not yet confirmed so it is difficult to conclude something. Stay tuned for further updates!

Source: IBTimes 

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