Rockstar Leeds, the development team behind all of the City Stories games and many of the GTA mobile device ports, has said to be very busy working on some unknown project.

While most of the Grand Theft Auto Fans are still waiting the Heist DLC, Rockstar Games are rumoured to plan also a huge Story Mode DLC.

Rockstar Games bought not long ago new trademark called: “GTA: City Stories”, which began theory of the new expansion to Grand Theft Auto Series City Stories. GTA IV had The Liberty City Stories, so it wouldn’t be astounding to see Los Santos City Stories for Grand Theft Auto V in October 2016.

GTA 5  Los Santos City Stories: Carl Johnson as a Protagonist?


Another rumour about conceivable Story Mode DLC is that Carl Johnson from GTA: San Andreas would be the protagonist in Los Santos City Stories. Gossip is trustworthy, considering the way that Los Santos is in light of San Andreas. Also, this may have been one of the reasons why Grand Theft Auto returned in San Andreas in any case.

This is unquestionably not only an unadulterated speculation since the City Stories has a long history in the Rockstar Games establishment.

At the moment things are on the node or rumors so take this news with a pinch of salt. What do you think about supposed GTA 5 Los Santos City Stories? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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