The creator of the injector ENBSeries, which is based on the spectacular mod iCEnhancer , pulls our hopes away when he ensures that for Grand Theft Auto 5 now it is impossible to make mods. Below are the words of Boris Vorontsov:

I was wrong. Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA5, so at this moment impossible to do anything via editing game files.

Rockstar is not Allowing Mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 


He added:

All my buddies modders share the same opinion, that GTA is short living like any other game whithout mods, so I do not care about modding it unless:
1) Modding will be possible by changes in future patches or when DRM and encryption will be hacked.
2) When the game will have a stable patch which works for every player.
3) i don’t see much potency to modify the game, just a few minor changes without “wow” effects, just make it possible to tweak everything is definitely not for first day players, so better give it some time and see, perhaps the game will be dead very soon (see p1).
4) At this moment i have so many problems, that first question is for me how not finish in suicide.

It seems that DRM systems and Grand Theft Auto 5 encryption are prepared to avoid any modification to the game files, preventing any intrusion of external programs, so just wait a patch to enable certain freedom for those who like to make their own experiences.

Previously, Vorontsov had anticipated that if Rockstar prevented the support of the community of modders in GTAV, the game “die” quickly. Do you believe? What you think folks the possibility of modifying games like Grand Theft Auto is a mandatory requirement?

P.S: I am eagerly waiting for the mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 🙁

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