A new job listing has been appeared on the website of Rockstar games which suggests that the studio is working on a new open-world game.

Currently, the studio is looking for an Environment Terrain Artist filled with specific design skills, concepts who can take the responsibility “for creating exciting and believable artwork, building and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open world environments in the industry.”

The post did mention description, the required qualifications and necessary responsibilities of the job. While the studio didn’t mention the exact project for which the artist is required, but apparently, it seems to be the long rumored Red Dead Redemption 2. Below are the responsibilities for the terrain artist;


  • Sculpting, modeling and texturing terrain for next-gen game environments.
  • Work within the map department specialising in landscape terrain art.
  • Participate in R&D of new techniques to implement into production pipeline.
  • Proactively seek feedback from Lead Artist and Creative Directors.
  • Ensuring artistic style is consistent with defined visual style for the game.

There are already a lot of speculations and rumors of the studio working on Red Dead Redemption 2 in the past couple of months. Seems that the game is under development and will be released some time soon. Qualifications for the post are also mentioned in the job listing and the candidates can apply online right away.

It was being rumored that the Rockstar Games might announce sequel to the famous adventure game during E3, but it didn’t happen.