The news about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas re-releasing for the Xbox 360 was in the air from several day’s on the internet. Finally, today Rockstar Games has confirmed this rumor and announced the release date for the Game.

Rockstar confirms GTA San Andreas HD remaster, reveals release date


The rumors began once GTA San Andreas was removed from the Xbox Originals Marketplace and were additionally fueled by a brand new list of achievements that surfaced on the Xbox Achievement website. The game will contain lots of new achievement list and they also confirmed that that game will be featured 11 secret achievement.

The HD remaster of GTA San Andreas will be available from the October 26, 2014, this is the date in which this great game will complete 10 years of success. The HD remaster of GTA San Andreas is optimized for HD 720p resolution, also they include some new Graphics texture in order to entertain the gamers. Here is one thing worth mentioning that HD remaster of GTA San Andreas is not available for Microsoft current Generation Console XBox One. If you have Xbox 360 you can continue your experience from your save file, you don’t have to go through the whole game.

If we compare it with the current Generation Games, Graphics are totally looking at waste effort, but remember that developers are doing this for the fans’ requests. GTA San Andreas is still the best game if we talk about the best games with a better storyline. GTA San Andreas will be years old in two day’s. Apart from the HD remaster of San Andreas, Rockstar Games is also working on a next-Gen version of Grand Theft Auto V, slated for a November 18 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and for a January 27, 2015 on PC.

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