Crystal Dynamics begins to spin up to the disclosure of information about the views on another series of Tomb Raider. Some time ago we have reported that Rise of The Tomb Raider will take us to Siberia. Yes indeed will, but the developers have now confirmed that it will not be the only location with which we meet. Brian Horton reveals you should expect to visit areas that will not be handcuffed with a thick layer of ice.

“It’s part of the world that seems to exist outside of Siberia. We call it an oasis. It’s not a total permafrost. It is an oasis, about which we will not reveal many details. It’s a place where you will meet different weather, different temperature. This is important because you need make the game does not look the same all the time. “

At the same time the manufacturer is delighted with how already present here the snow. However, it will not be used for decoration only. Lara will be struggled through high snow drifts and animals track down the traces left by them, unless it starts to rain and traces will not disappear. Interestingly, depending on the time of day and weather meets other creatures.

The premiere of Rise of The Tomb Raider is planned for the end of this year. Recall, that the term refers only to the Xbox, other platforms still remain a mystery.

Source: VG247

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