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Rise of the Tomb Raider To Feature NVIDIA VXAO and AMD Pure Hair – Detailed Graphics Options


Although the reboot of Tomb Raider used AMD TressFX, but this time, Square Enix and the Dutch studio Nixess (in-charge of the PC port) have worked closely with both the AMD and NVIDIA to implement proprietary technologies of each GPU manufacturer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider To Feature NVIDIA VXAO and AMD  Pure Hair – Detailed Graphics Options

Developers are recognizing that the deus ex: human Division will support Microsoft DX12

On one hand, we have the AMD Pure Hair technology, which is the replacement for TressFX 3.0, and like TressFX it will be open source.

You cannot say the same about the new alternative of ambient occlusion of NVIDIA called Voxel-Based Ambient Occlusion (previously entitled VXGI AO), it remains unknown, if only can be used with hardware from NVIDIA, and if you eventually replace HBAO +, a feature Gameworks emblematic of the suite. It is possible that this new feature is unique to NVIDIA Windows 10, as announced in the press release of Xbox Wire.



According to the slide last year during the GDC 2015, this tracing technique is about three times lighter than conventional global illumination. Compared with SSAO (Screen space ambient occlusion), VXAO also provides a more stable throughout the world rendering effect.

“The results of SSAO not always correct, such as when the geometry is close to the edge of the screen, or when distant objects are close together in the screen space. Ambient occlusion based Voxels no such problems “

In the graphics options detailed below, we can see that Pure Hair has been already present, but still no sign of NVIDIA VXAO. It might be possible that the given image is of non-final version of Rise of The Raider, VXAO may be available on January 28 when the game will be released officially.