Acer was the first to launch Windows Phone 7 phone, but at that time new ecosystem was not really good enough to attract more customers so they quickly decided to give up to devote himself to the Android camp. However, after Microsoft released Windows 10, Acer will soon return to the arms of Microsoft.

Acer will launch Windows 10 phones at MWC 2015

Acer Windows 10 phone

According to Digitimes report, Acer mobile phone business has not yet profitable, so they are looking forward to new opportunities and they have decided to release their next smartphones with Windows 10. They will launch these flagships at the beginning of the MWC 2015 telecommunications exhibition.

Why did you decide to give up so quickly and now suddenly back out? Acer believes that time for mainly Windows Phone ecosystem was imperfect and they cannot do such adventures (proved was still correct). Although Windows Phone market share decline, but now Microsoft’s attitude is towards more open ecosystem and more mature than before, but there are Windows 10 unified platform strategy, it is a good time to return them.

Acer, however, confirmed that the future will continue to focus on low-end, entry phones, so their first Windows 10 phone is also expected to Lumia “5 character generation” or “6 Generation name” line.