There are rumors that in Apple’s October Conference, they will come with the Next Generation of iPad, Official version of OS X10.10 Yosemite to support higher resolution system and may also introduce Retina version of the MacBook Air and iMac. Foreign media today got the news that Retina version of the iMac has now entered the post-test phase, I believe that will soon be released.

Retina version of the iMac is coming: Equipped with i7-4790K, AMD graphics card and 5K resolution

Apple 5k

Yosemite system has been optimized for ultra-high resolution, not even common 3840 × 2160 resolutions, but also 4K (4096 × 2304), 5K (5120 × 2880/5760 × 3240) and 6K (6400 × 3600) would be supported, while the previous message pointed out that in the Retina version of iMac 27″ resolution will jump directly to the 5K level (should be 5120 × 2880). The pixel density of 217PPI, while the current iMac 27 only supports 109PPI, We can say a huge upgrade.

Apple iMac Retina would be equipped with a powerful processor like Core i7-4790K, but will switch to AMD graphics cards. This argument has a certain reliability, after all Mac Pro 2014 are equipped with the AMD professional graphics card, iMac for AMD also possible, but the Maxwell attractive architecture of NVIDIA is also great, so I had reservations about this argument.

The Yosemite official version will have a built-in version of iMovie and Final Cut Pro software, aims to improve the performance of ultra-high resolution video.

Retina version of the iMac and then MacBook Pro will be the same as the earlier regular edition. Retina version will coexist for some time. The price will be slightly higher, then gradually lower prices.