After the EMPRESS group published the Resident Evil VILLAGE crack yesterday, some users have been publishing comparative videos to demonstrate how the cracked version works better than the original Steam version with no stuttering or micro-stuttering problems, as well as the scenes where the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu appear, whose flies make the FPS drop drastically – as you can see in the comparison video.

As EMPRESS had previously commented, Resident Evil Village uses version v11 of Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology, in addition to Capcom’s own DRM Anti-Tamper v3, which together are quite difficult to crack due to the number of triggers there are.

“The first problem is that the V11 version of Denuvo has massive changes from v10 and then Capcom’s DRM is integrated into the Denuvo VM and one of their jobs is to verify the integrity of the Denuvo code and yours in strategic places. If a test fails, this will result in an in-game trigger that can occur after up to 10 minutes of play or in certain scenes. “

In addition, EMPRESS comments that the combination of these protections are causing performance issues and micro stutter (when we kill regular enemies, for example), especially on older CPUs. This is because Capcom decided to put one of their most rigorous verification loops on the Denuvo VM, which takes a long time for the CPU to run.

Luckily, EMPRESS managed to remove all of Capcom’s DRM triggers as claimed in the .nfo file, and now cracked version of the game works better than the original version. While the crack does not remove Denuvo V11, but instead bypasses it, the game clearly performs better with Capcom’s added protections.

As a result of this discovery, and since the game was already cracked, it did not take long for Steam users to ask the publisher to remove the protections of the game, so that users who paid for the game can play better than those who do have downloaded illegally. Of course, most fans have already finished it and are unlikely to play it again even if Capcom removes Denuvo V11’s anti-tamper technology and publisher’s own DRM Anti-Tamper v3.


Finally, through its Japan Twitter account, Capcom announced yesterday that the total number of units shipped and digital sales for Resident Evil Village have exceeded 4.5 million units worldwide.

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