Capcom has released new information on the raid gameplay mode and arcade mode, which will be debuted in Resident Evil Revelations 2. In addition to the campaign of Claire Redfield and Barry Burto.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – New details about the Raid mode


Besides covering various scenarios of Revelations 2, the raid mode also present maps and many weapons, custom parts from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 6. Our character will unlock abilities quadruple compared to Resident Evil Revelations and may acquire passive and active skills, making your character feel unique. For example, a friend may unlock different attributes and abilities to ours. Thus, the experience will be different by more than two players use the same character.

The raid mode will feature a total of 15 personalities from the world of Resident Evil. Each episode we buy add more characters, as well as some special characters like Hunk (in full digital season) or Wesker (retail). In case of buying the episodes separately, Hunk and Wesker can be purchased as DLC. So far till now developers have revealed the following characters for the raid mode: Claire, Moira, Barry, Gina, and Wesker Hunk.

Capcom promises a gameplay similar to that of the roots of the series, emphasizing the survival horror and action as in Resident Evil 5/6. While Claire and Barry have a more oriented gameplay the action, Moira and Gina will act more like stand, giving herbs, assisting with a flashlight and other complementary actions. The surprise is that the campaign will be playable as both single player and cooperative.

The story will run during the events of Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 6, and take place in a detention center located on a deserted island. The plot begins with Claire and Moira wakes up after being kidnapped.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 does not present the classic zombies, or Ooze of Revelations, but there will be a new type of enemy called Afflicted (distressed), who although seem zombies are actually quite different. They can move quickly and cause much damage to the player. It is also said that will force the player to make decisions on how to remove them, either confronting or dispatch quietly to preserve the ammunition.

Each episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will cost you $6 and the first will out on the next February 24 and followed that date, a new episode will be released every Tuesday. If we buy the complete digital season, we get the four episodes and two more playable characters in raid mode.

The retail edition on the other hand, will cost you $40 and include four additional costumes, plus the map pack ‘Throwback‘ for the raid mode, and can play with Wesker in that mode. Although the packs will have additional elements, no content is blocked.

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