Games of recent years still continue, but the emergence of a number of special works is important for a variety of classic and old work. Good game with the same taste, but not the same visual effect. Resident Evil HD Remaster had landed on Consoles and PC platform, the surprise element is its demand as it becomes the fastest selling game in the history of Capcom.

According to foreign media siliconera reports, Capcom said that after 70, 80 or even accompany this part of the growth after 90 games for gamers, Resident Evil HD Remaster sales grew in North America and Europe’s (note: digital version), meanwhile, it even broke the Sony PS Network first day sales record, the evaluation is also good you can see that everyone on the Resident Evil still quite emotional, game producer Ping Lin Liangzhao also said that these are our loyal fans.

In November last year, this game has landed Xbox 360 and PS3 console that runs 720P @ 30fps and PS4, Xbox One can run it on 1080P @ 30fps, PC version. This remastered version includes better textures, 3D models and support high resolutions, though there is the option to choose between resolutions of 4: 3 and 16: 9. The sounds have also been remastered with 5.1 surround for better-sound experience. In addition, players can choose between using the original 1996 game controls or redesigned mechanical advantage to play with Gamepads.

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