A few hours before the announcement of Resident Evil 7 demo version release date for the PC, Capcom has published all the graphics option in Steam forum, all that graphics options may change on December 19 (Demo version launch date) or January 24 when the final version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be released.

Resident Evil 7 – PC Graphics Option Detailed

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  • Screen resolution
  • Refresh rate – Support for G-sync 144hz including Nvidia
  • Screen mode – Full screen mode and windowed mode Borderless window
  • Field of View (view)
  • Frame Rate – 30, 60 and variable (unlocked)
  • V-Sync – On / Off
  • Rendering method – Normal and Interlaced
  • Resolution Scaling – Controls the internal resolution of plays. You can select from 0.5X to 2.0X. 1.0X is 100% 1: 1 native.
  • Texture Quality – from very low to very high, the quality of the textures increase the use of VRAM.
  • Texture Filtering – from very low to Very High. Internally, this is essentially from the trilinear anisotropic filter up to 16x.
  • Mesh Quality – from low to high, this affects the LOD (Level of Detail).
  • Anti-Aliasing – Includes FXAA, TAA, TAA and FXAA + SMAA.
  • Motion Blur – On / Off
  • Rendering effects – from low to high, this controls the intensity and density of certain visual effects.
  • Depth of Field (Depth of Field) – On / Off
  • Quality of shadows – from very low to very high
  • Dynamic shadows – On / Off
  • Shadow Cache – On / Off. When activated, the shadows are static objects in the cache video memory.
  • Ambient Occlusion – Off, SSAO (Variable), SSAO, HDAO, and HBAO +. HBAO + is an exclusive characteristics of Nvidia Gameworks.
  • Efcto Bloom – On / Off
  • D Estello Lens – On / Off
  • Volumetric Lighting quality – From Off to High. This option controls the intensity and quality of dynamic lighting, including how light rays traverse through sales and vents.
  • Reflections – On / Off and Variable. It affects fidelity and quality of real – time reflections.
  • Subsurface Scattering – On / Off
  • Aberration Chromatic – On / Off
  • Color space  – sRGB or BT.709