Capcom today released new screenshots, details and a gameplay trailer of the next Resident Evil 7 DLCs. On one hand, we have the free contentNot a Hero‘ starring Chris Redfield in his quest for Lucas Baker and, on the other hand, ‘End of Zoe‘. This time we can see how a mysterious man named Joe rescues Zoe, and their destinies will now be interconnected. In this parallel story, players will face new enemies and explore a new swamp full of new areas.

Not a Hero will put us back into the skin of the soldier Chris Redfield in a kind of epilogue to the adventure of Ethan Winters, after the original game. Chris is now part of a new umbrella organization that has decided to investigate the mysteries of the Baker House and the events surrounding the outbreak of the new epidemic.

In the video and screenshots of this DLC, you can see a trend towards action in the case of Not a Hero, moving away from the halls and the terror of pursuit of the original game, and moving on to something more similar to the previous two games of the main saga.

The Gold edition of Resident Evil 7 will include the End of Zoe, Banned Footage vol. 1 and vol. 2. This new DLC can be purchased separately for $ 15. The launch for the DLCs and Gold Edition is scheduled for December 12.

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