When Capcom officially announced the remake of Resident Evil 2, it was confirmed that they will not smile on the node of their fans and this project would be canceled, and so the Italian studio officially announced today with Invader Games.

Capcom is discussing ideas on the official remake of Resident Evil 2


“InvaderGames closes the project Reborn Resident Evil 2 and is invited by Capcom to discuss future ideas,” the team announced on its fan page.

“Contrary to what you may think, this is wonderful news for us, as fans, we are very happy that Capcom has decided to lead the project and develop the remake that has been awaited for years by all (no one can come back to life a masterpiece of 1998 better than its creators).Meanwhile, as developers, we are honored to announce that we have been officially invited to meet with Capcom. ”

“Capcom contacted us before making the announcement and asked if we would stop the project, as they have long-term plans for Resident Evil 2 remake. We were invited to meet to discuss future ideas. “

While the ad does not speak about an employment contract with the Japanese company, we understand that the good news is, in fact, who have been hired to work together, which is wonderful news. Again, the fans-and especially the Master Race, prove that they are able to break down barriers and give shape to their dreams. Fortunately, Capcom seems to have a new approach to your community, and little, is taking steps most welcome.

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