NVIDIA’s Gameworks development tools for game developers is an excellent tool, but GameWorks also tends to make the game went into a huge controversy going, The Witcher 3 is the most recent example. Previously, GameWorks was just for the PC platform, but on Saturday NVIDIA has announced its Gameworks for Android platform, called Androidworks.

NVIDIA Introduces AndroidWorks


NVIDIA on yesterday unveiled Shield game set-top box, which is based on the Tegra X1 processor, gaming performance in the current mobile platform is top notch, a first estimate can be kept out before Apple A9X. At the same time, NVIDIA also announced a developer-oriented Androidworks, it is similar to Gameworks PC platform, but also provides a large number of NVIDIA’s 3D technology and tools, including PhysX, VisualFX etc., can help developers simplify game development.

Androidworks NVIDIA’s Tegra is certainly based on their device development, but more than that NVIDIA ambition, Androidworks not exclusive Tegra devices, the entire Android platform developers can use this tool. They hope that through this tool the developer freed from the limitations of Android software platform.

NVIDIA also announced the list on which they have tested Androidworks tools, mainly Samsung T800 Galaxy Tab S, Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 6, Huawei CL-10 cell phones, Asus Memopad (X86) and Google Nexus Player.

Interested developers can go to NVIDIA’s developer website for the latest information.