Bad news if you’ve decided to be one of the beta testers for Microsoft and bought Quantum Break for PC, since Remedy confirms that they can’t fix all problems encountered (inconsistent frame rates, poorly optimized monitor refresh rates, crashing, screen tearing) in Quantum Break caused by Microsoft’s Windows 10 UWP platform (no FPS-tracking overlays, no FreeSync or toggling VSync), although they will soon launch the first patch, for now they are gathering information to investigate possible solutions.

Remedy confirms that Quantum Break can’t be 100% fixed on the PC


Best known problems such as, FPS reading softwares are not compatible, no support with AMD FreeSync or AMD VSync or graphics solutions in configurations of CrossFire or SLI. Microsoft must answer for it (once more), but the most serious problems belong to the graphic engine itself of the company, Northlight engine and all derivative of said engine problems will not be solved.

Along the dismal performance, we found a very common problem on consoles and the PC, the appearance / disappearance of magically textures, and when folks asked about those emerging textures could be fixed by a patch, Thomas Puha, Remedy press representative, said through a tweet that “That just unfortunately is a quirk of our graphics engine.“, so it is something that will always be present in the game.

This reveals that, this is a new release which is only in the market to generate sales and they never worried about bringing a well – a polished PC game, hopefully as happened with Batman legal action will be taken to force to correct the problem or to return the money to all buyers.

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