For years, a lot of PC Gamers around the world wanted a PC version of Red Dead Redemption, but Rockstar never made any comment on will there be any PC version of RDR or not? Now the leader multiplayer designer, Kris Roberts, checks all hope for land. He said that there was ever an intention to have the Red Dead Redemption for PC. He also said that I’m shocked about Rockstar made a PC version of GTA V, GTA V was also never meant to be on PC.

“I don’t think was ever an intention to have a PC version of Red Dead Redemption . I was honestly very shocked when they did a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Obviously in development, we were all PC based and had it running for win32 clients for the entire development. But as far as licensing for the console and stuff, it was always going to be an Xbox 360 and Ps3 title. To the best of my recollection, we never even seriously talked about optimizing for PC.”

I wonder if they’ll revisit it in a touched up port/remaster for the current generation consoles and then use that as a base for a PC release, a bit like they did with GTA V. Rockstar will serve much the projected numbers for a title that has so many fans as detractors, and the development and optimization are also of very low cost, but now Mr. Roberts has put the final nail in the coffin of the PC version.

Thanks, Gamespot.