From today we are not talking about the Greatest hits of Consoles Exclusive games that we are waiting to be launched for PC as well. There are lots of Previous Generation Games that we are waiting for Red Dead Redemption is one of them, It has been now more than three years that Players are waiting for this game to be launched for PC. Well, it’s after all NeoGAF found good evidence that the game can be really coming to PCs. But Microsoft compatibility site is the one who gave the best clue that Red Dead Redemption was about to be announced for PC, the news has gained strength in specialized sites and forums.

To avoid the risk of being just a misunderstanding or guilt of an unsuspecting intern, we were careful to test some other games that do not have the PC version and the result was unanimous, no one was charged as compatible with Windows, then everything seems to be right and not only that Red Dead Redemption is the victim of an “error” on the website the game should even be released for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

red dead redemption Pc

Still no official announcement from Microsoft about the information nor Rockstar which is not very close to this type of ad. Even with such delay would not be so absurd release the game for PC.

Maybe you think no one else would play something more than three years ago, but I can say with all certainty that many have not played and those who already zeroed surely would play again in the new consoles or PC. It is not for nothing that was considered one of the best games of recent years.

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