As we all are aware of the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for release later this year and the developers have been sharing some information regarding the game. The game isn’t focused only with the single-player campaign mode, but also the online multiplayer experience and the developers have some new plans for its online mode.

CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick recently had a discussion with GameDaily regarding its upcoming and one of the most anti-cipated games of 2018 the Red Dead Redemption 2, its features and the current trends in the industry. While talking about its multiplayer experience, CEO Zelnick stated that they have on the battle royale in the past, so it is not possible for him to rule out the battle royale mode in its upcoming game.

But he also confirmed that if the game features the battle royale mode, it won’t be a clone of Fortnite and instead, the studio has some other plans with a complete different direction for its upcoming game as ‘no one is looking for a clone of Fortnite‘. No doubt the game and the battle royale fights had gained industry’s attention, but they have their own plans.

Here’s what he said during the interview while discussing the success of Fortnite;

“We’ve used battle royale mechanics before. I wouldn’t rule [including a battle royale] out, but any mechanic you use would want to be in service of the core entertainment experience…no one is looking for a clone of Fortnite. I wish we had Fortnite — we don’t — so wishing we had Fortnite is not going to help me.

“You can’t possibly believe that battle royale is the only mechanic that has captured people’s attention that interact with entertainment. So if you’re busy cloning it, you’re going to get to market in three years. Good luck to you. You don’t think there will be another hit in between now and then? Because I do. Do I think that it’s a hit that will be a clone of Fortnite? I do not.”

Doing something new with the Read Dead Redemption 2 will be great as during the E3 expo last month, we saw multiple number of games featuring battle royale fights and if the next Red Dead also featured the same, there won’t be much difference except the campaign mode.

Rockstar Games is known for developing some of the most incredible games over the period of past many years, i.e. Grand Theft Auto franchise, Red Dead franchise, and some others. GTA V was released almost 5 years ago and it is still being sold like hot cakes in the market. Lets see how things go with the new Red Dead game.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 28th. PC version is not officially confirmed yet, but according to the reports, the studio may be secretly developing the game for PC platform which may get surprise announcement after its release on current-gen consoles. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: GameDaily

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