ReCore, an action-adventure Microsoft exclusive game was released in September. The game showcases the friendship between one of the last human and the robots and their adventure in a ‘mysterious’ world.

The developer studio is working on an update that will include HDR support for the ReCore. Microsoft’s general manager Shannon Loftis announced the word via twitter announcing that the update including HDR support will be released next year. The tweet was then re-tweeted by Xbox chief Mike Ybarra.

While the studio is yet to provide further details on the game’s platform, whether the update will be released for Xbox One S or PC or maybe for both the platforms. There are hardly any titles supporting HDR feature on the PCs due to the lack of HDR enabled monitors that are hard to find and quite expensive as well.

While the HDR is gaining the momentum at the moment as both the current gen consoles i.e, Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 are now supported with the feature and we are also witnessing the availability of HDR enabled TVs in the market.

ReCore is now available for PC and Xbox One. This was the first title supported with Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Stay tuned for more updates!

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