Razer at the beginning of this year presented concept design of its smart mask known as Project Hazel, and now, two months later, it has been announced that the company will finally launch its masks on the market. As the story of COVID -19 will remain with us for many more months, its a financially viable move, in addition to reducing the use of disposable masks. Though you will have to wait to know its availability and price.

The Project Hazel mask offers a design that will not be strange to the eyes, but according to the company, its first intelligent mask in the world  that “addresses with greater emphasis issues such as hygiene and preparation for unexpected health risks as well as environmental problems from disposable masks, while enhancing the characteristics of a multipurpose personal protective cover .”

The smart silicon-lined mask offers comfort with cooling and active air regulation to provide fresh air and ventilating CO2. Its airtight seal with adjustable edges allow custom sizes for a secure fit that prevents clogging. The user can activate two lighting zones with customizable Razer Chroma RGB lighting that offers 16.8 million colors and a set of dynamic lighting effects.

Microphones and amplifiers are also embedded in the ventilators will project your voice through the mask, so you won’t have to worry about sounding muffled.

” Razer recognizes the uncertainty on the road ahead, so it was our duty to help protect members of our community by preparing them for unseen threats ,” stated Min Liang-Tan, Razer Co-Founder and CEO. ” The concept  of  Smart Mask” Project Hazel “is intended to be functional, comfortable and useful to interact with the world, maintaining a sociable aesthetics the same time. “

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