After Comm’s, Synapse and Game booster Razer announced another software Cortex.

Razer Cortex announced


The Cortex is capable of performing many functions But mainly it is to help it’ users buy games in bargained prices, Users may buy games as in deals it will update its users on all the price drops on all major digital game stores like Amazon, Origin, Steam and other stores on the internet.



Other features of this software include

Game Launcher:
Giving you complete access to your game library.

Game Booster:
Which will be capable of FPS tracking and adjusting your game settings at high performance without any load on your system.

Save Game Manager:
It will just save your game in a cloud to which you can access anywhere you want.

And other features like Sharing through which you can share your gaming experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.
Razer’s cortex is expected on 10th of September but beta is available on their website you can access through your Razer ID.

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