Raw Data is a fun multiplayer FPS exclusively designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift where we get into exciting battles in first person with interactive weapons, defenses, improvements and even enter a cooperative mode with our friends or online players. Fight, defend, progresses in the game with new skills, unlock new weapons and shields.

Raw Data: 1v1 Duels Fun Game With Virtual Reality

Best of all is that you can feel even as a Jedi, since you will use virtual reality laser swords, with which you can attack and protect you from enemy attacks. As you will see in the trailer, in cooperative mode we fight back to back with our partner to get out alive from attack by robots, while the gameplay, we can see a couple of friends having fun you’ll quickly dueling . Nothing better than watching the video to see what we can expect from it. We remind you that the game is still in testing phase, so expect improvements in its final release. The Survios (game studio) plans to open Raw Data for early access on Steam in April, with an unknown final release date.