Six months ago, appeared Raspberry Pi B +, plate forming the basis of a very popular minicomputer, which can be customized according your needs. We mention this version of the Raspberry Pi since it has little to do with the recent work of the British band. Now we have Raspberry Pi 2 still we have to deal with similar connectors that we have available in Raspberry Pi B +. However, the chipset platform has been changed from ARM v6 to ARM v7. And this seemingly small change – Raspberry Pi 2 uses a quad-core processors clocked 900 MHz assisted by 1 GB of RAM – also supporting Windows 10 (provides a new architecture SoC).

Raspberry Pi 2 on sale now at $35: faster processor, 1 GB of RAM and Windows 10


Certainly, 1 GB of RAM will make Windows 10 will be able to keep a lot of their original functionality. This special version of Windows 10 will be available for free to the community of developers gathered around the Raspberry Pi project. As you can see Microsoft taking a very active for less popular support projects from a global perspective, but very popular in certain circles. In addition to the Raspberry Pi 2, Microsoft is also very close to the development of Cyanogen system platform (Android) for smartphones – the company has invested $ 70 million in the company associated with the project.

But back to the Raspberry Pi 2 and see what it offers.

  • Chipset: BCM2836 quad 900 MHz, ARM v7
  • Memory: 1GB LPDDR2 RAM (ośmiogigabitowy Elpida module EDB8132B4PB-8D-F), SD card reader
  • Connectivity: USB controller and LAN9514 for Ethernet (no support for 1 Gbps)
  • Ports: HDMI, audio, video, Ethernet, USB, CSI, DSI and GPIO (40 pin)
  • Support for newer versions of Android and generally added functionality

And what you miss.

  • SATA ports, support for eMMC Flash

Tile sizes allow for hassle-free installation in existing housings for Raspberry Pi B +. When you boot the current consumption is slightly larger than before and is 340mA. Testers of Service Hack A Day noticed that at full load current consumption can be as high as 500mA, which means that you need to check whether the USB power adapter will provide adequate power.

The sweet bad boy is available at only $35.

Source: Make, Hack A Day

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