Another file-sharing platform makes its life. Not yet confirmed whether it is a business decision or closure is due to legal problems. We know that on Tuesday, March 31 2015 they will turn off all servers of RapidShare.

Over the last three years of its operations ceased at least a couple of platforms for the exchange of files over the network. One of the biggest sites was Megaupload, which was shut down due to legal problems – film studios and music have joined forces in the fight against Kim Dotcom service and (at least temporarily) won.

The RapidShare owners were then asked if they did not fear that they may share the fate of Megaupload. They answered: “RapidShare AG was founded in Switzerland and in fact always was in place in line with the address given in the company’s data. Since it always operates under real names and without anonymous intermediary companies. In the case of Megaupload, the situation was completely different “.

But it seems that the closure of Megaupload disregard probably did not work out for good service RapidShare. By accessing the site, we see a message indicating the fact that with the end of March, the platform exits.

RapidShare users are encouraged to create a backup of your files, as after the close of the service, all data will be lost.

Source: Neowin

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