RAN: Lost Islands is new online multiplayer combat game set in the 16th century. The distributor Zodiac Interactive and the developers Jolly Roller Game Studio were delighted to announce that the game’s Early Access will be released later this year on Steam.

RAN: Lost Islands is an online multiplayer that puts 100 players face to face during the exciting Age of Discovery. Players will put themselves in the shoes of outcasts struggling to survive on the high seas while searching for magnificent ancient treasures and legendary artifacts under cursed islands. Great courage and wisdom will be necessary to eliminate all enemies, either legally or with artifice, and return home triumphant from this intrepid adventure.

Whether discovering high-level equipment, or looking for treasures and artifacts, players will have to take different tests and points of interest in the islands such as temples, natural caves or the walled city among many other places. Some of the oldest and most sacred objects are buried in reliquaries or sunken wrecks.

There are three factions in dispute: The European Empire, the Ming Dynasty and the Shogunate of Japan, and a total of 9 different classes to give the gameplay variety. Switch between classes or use different combat styles to achieve fortune and glory.

Sail on the high seas, bombard the enemy with your cannons or ambush and capture a powerful ship after a visceral close combat. In RAN: Lost Islands even the terrifying experience of fighting underwater becomes part of the action. With an arsenal of varied historical weapons from each of the factions and a stimulating mix of traditional combat and combo techniques, only your expertise with the skills and strategy will allow you to survive.

But, be careful, because you will not only face other players but you will also have to fight powerful enemies like the survivors of other expeditions, wild forest rappers and even gigantic sea creatures!

RAN: Lost Island reaches Steam Early Access at the end of 2019 and it is now possible to add it to your wish list.

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