Recently, Ubisoft revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has made a new record for the company by touching new heights. After two years have passed since the game’s launch, the title still retains a player base of about 2.3 million active players daily.

Rainbow Six: Siege retains 2.3 million active players daily

In total, according to the figures provided, Rainbow Six: Siege has garnered a total of 20 million players since its launch, something that Ubisoft is taking advantage well for monetization system microtransactions, and DLCs. So much so that this game includes a very important part of Ubisoft’s quarterly revenue, a predominance which reaches 80 percent of total digital sales of the company, and that translates into 164.2 million in profits.

With the announcement, Ubisoft said that Rainbow Six: Siege is “here to stay”, as one of the strongest pillars of the company. However, as was revealed a few days ago, Ubisoft will soon release an update of the game.