We all are aware of the fact that gamers can have mood swings while paying online multiplayer. It could happen due to any reason, and thus leads to toxic environment within the community. Ubisoft has decided to take action against Rainbow Six Siege players who use harmful and slur language in the chat by straightly banning the players.

There are three stages of the ban, depending on frequency of the offensive. For example; the first offence will lead to straight ban from entire access to the game for approximately 27 minutes. After using the language second and third time, the ban will last for 2 hours. While repeating the offence after third time will lead to a formal investigation from game developers into the offender’s account which could potentially lead to the permanent ban.

Ubisoft has confirmed the implementation of new banning system which is effective from last few hours. Back in April, it was promised by the developers that they are working on a system which will censor such words from the chat. However, the system appears to be banning the players straight out of the game once they use such words.

The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have also faced criticism on the Twitter from players who used the language and received the ban hammer, while some are praising the team for implementing such feature to maintain the competitive environment.

No doubt the team has done a great job by addressing one of the main issue which we all face while competitive multiplayer matches. Game developers should address this issue by some warnings and serious penalties so that the offenders must think again before using such language in the online matches.

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Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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