Ubisoft has showcased the second expected trailer of Rainbow Six: Siege. Previously we had known the benefits of the British SAS team and today it turns to the American FBI SWAT team.

Rainbow Six: Siege – New Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots


Being a game about fighting asymmetric-due to the difference of facilities- Rainbow Six: Siege will feature a mechanical style “rock, paper, scissors” that will force us to think about the advantages of certain classes with respect to the enemy classes, key element in preparing a strategy confrontation.

In the list of members of the FBI SWAT team found Ash, a grenade launcher flying very useful for walls;Press, which has a tracker that detects beating enemies; Castle, who walks with a dropdown levels bulletproof panel; and Thermite, which as its name suggests, has explosive chemicals that can pierce just about anything.

A few hours ago, the company Havok Physics – specializing in physical models, announced that Rainbow Six: Siege will be the first game to use the new generation technology, with the name of Havok FX.

This new installment of the popular series of tactical shooters will be released on October 13.



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