From the headquarters of AMD in Canada, we got information on the new flagship Graphics card based on a dual-GPU core, we are talking about the AMD Radeon R9 Gemini, which would be the final name of the first Dual-GPU graphics card based on the HBM Fiji memory. The Radeon R9 Gemini will most likely arrive to us as the Radeon R9 Fury X2. There are two silicon Fiji XT mounted on the PCB again equipped with custom water cooling solution from Cooler Master.

AMD Radeon R9 Gemini spotted in the wild, based on  two Fiji XT GPUs


In terms of specifications, Radeon R9 Gemini/ R9 Fury X2 is equipped with two Fiji XT GPUs with a total of 8192 Stream Processors, 512 TMUs, 128 ROPs and 1000 MHz base frequency together with 8Gb of HBM memory running at 500 MHz with memory interface 1024 GB / s. All this together gives a yield of 17 TFLOPs floating point with a TDP of about 375W, since will be powered by two PCI-Express connectors 8 + 8 pins.

vía: TweakTown