Overclocking on AMD’s current flagship is too much restricted, even the voltage and memory clock is locked. And the core clock just goes by 50 MHz. Even though it packs a liquid cooler yet the locked stuff and zero OC headroom is questionable. Overclockers from around the world are very unhappy, yet some geeky overclockers found a way to overclock it.

The following are a collection of 3DMARK  Performance preset Scores utilizing a Modified variant of AMD Afterburner to control the AMD Fury X’s voltage. The user reported issues utilizing his 1215 MHz clock rate in many tests, however, he guarantees that these issues are driver related.

R9 Fury X attained 1215MHz mark with voltage tweak finally - But issues reported

Cloud Gate

Sky driver

3D Mark Vantage Performance

Nvidia fan boys are making fun of AMD all the time after release of awaited Fury X, because it packs a liquid cooler and have null OCing head room. While on the other hand in green club GTX 980Ti and Titan X have massive overclocking potential you can see 3D Mark Hall of fame all fill with Nvidia GPUs test results.



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