Quantum Break, a game with time-travel and movie like action was released on April 5th this year for Windows 10 PCs via Windows Store and Xbox One. Recently, the developers decided to release the game for Windows 7 and 8.1 with Direct X 11 support and for the Steam and retails as well.

Despite the critical reception the game received (which was not so good), Quantum Break managed to become the best selling Xbox One new IP for this generation and also topped the sales chart for a week in the United Kingdom.

Recently, Microsoft’s Xbox marketing chief Aaron Greenberg while speaking with the Windows Central confirmed that “Quantum Break sold really well“. The game performed so well in the market that it even surpassed Microsoft’s expectations. However, he also mentioned that “not every game needs a sequel”.

“Quantum Break sold really well; it exceeded what we expected it to do. We were really pleased with how Quantum Break did. But just like every movie, not every game needs a sequel, sometimes it’s okay.”

It has been reported that the game developer, Remedy Entertainment is working on a secretive project, which will be revealed later by the studio. Nothing much is known regarding the mysterious project, not even any indication whether it will be a new title or a sequel of any successful game such as Quantum Break or Alan Wake. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Via: Windows Central