The folks at Digital Foundry bring the comparative performance test of Quantum Break on PC under ultra quality, making use of AMD Radeon R9 390 against NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. Remember that the title is very poorly optimized for PC, in order to run it on ultra quality with at least 30 FPS it will require a gaming system with a cost of around 1,200 USD and after spending so much you will get a visual quality almost similar to the Xbox One.

Quantum Break PC Performance: Radeon R9 390 Vs GeForce GTX 970 

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As you can see from the above video, AMD is positioning itself as the best graphics option over time. The graphics card from AMD offers a much higher performance than the option from NVIDIA camp. In the vast majority of scenes Radeon R9 390 is leading with 15 FPS even in some scenes reaching 20 extra FPS performance. On average, the Radeon R9 390 is 50 percent faster. While playing Quantum Break many NVIDIA’s users also reported the known problem with current drivers which has not been solved yet, which generates the error messages with game close.

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